feature name description target release status
HTTP 1.0 Simple HTTP standard version 1.0 3.0 Complete
Basic multilingual resource-finder For example, accessing index.fr.html instead of index.html for French clients 3.0 None
CGI Full CGI capabilities (Get,post,head) 3.0 None
Directory Listings Elaborate and feature-rich directory listings 3.0 None
Transfer Resuming HTTP 206 transfer resuming 3.0 Partial
IP/Host-based Virtual-Host support Customizable logging output 3.0 None
SSL/TLS Secure Sockets Layer / Transport Layer Security 3.0 None
Extended Attributes Extended Attribute (aka File Attribute) support (various) 3.0 None
Ferite Integrated Ferite interpreter 3.0 None
Perl Integrated Perl interpreter 3.0 None
PHP Integrated PHP interpreter 3.0 None
LUA Integrated LUA interpreter 3.0 None
SSI Server-side includes 3.0 None
Templated Logging Customizable logging output 3.0 None
Templated Error-Pages Customizable error pages 3.0 None